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Kelsey Edwardsen

Kelsey holds the microphone like a fistful of steel

  • Manu Chau
  • Pink Floyd
  • Sandpeople
  • Paul Simon
  • Remedee
  • Kelsey is working on her undergraduate Civil Engineering degree at Oregon State University. Having spoken Spanish since childhood in a public bilingual program, Kelsey's mind has been opened to Latino issues and cultures, both internally and abroad. She admires the civil war liberation activists of this century in Latin America, including Archbishop Romero of El Salvador, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu of Guatemala.

    Droppin' Zac's powerful lyrics emanates from Kels's passion for music that integrates sound quality with lyrical enlightenment. Influenced by the Portland, Oregon's underground hip hop Sandpeople, artist that display the disturbing qualities of our culture in blunt harmony, Kelsey recognized the power that music has to educate and inspire. Her rhythm comes from years of piano studies, and there's no better use for rhythm then teari' up the mic.

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